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Thanks for your interest in advertising on our network of websites.

Here's what you have to do now is to get your own banner, button, tile or text to be displayed on our website:- or our network of more than 150 websites. Free banners designing service will provided if you decide to advertise for minimum 3 months period or more.
If you are thinking about advertising on our website, consider that it will allow you to reach thousands of potential customers at rock-bottom prices !

If you don't have a banner or a button still ! Don't worry ! We will design it for you.

Banner / Buttons / Text Advertisement

A standard 468x60 banner ad place on top of each of our service pages is available, where it is immediately visible without any scrolling. Statistically this type of banner ads delivers the highest response rate and optimal click-through results. You can either place an ad into general group, or target a special interest group.

Button ads can be placed strategically throughout the sites. Since our button ads are not hidden away at the bottom of a text page, but are presented to the left of the main text windows, button ads on our site are highly visible. There are various different sizes place available ( 80x21 through 120x90 pixels.)

The advantage for advertising in text ad format is, as it do not make much difference in downloading a page and also drive traffic to the site resulting the same traffic to your site.

For more details, write to

Site Sponsorships

If you offer a product or service that you feel could be a perfect offer for our members, please feel free to contact us to negotiate a deal at

Banner / Link Exchange

If you feel exchanging links with us may be mutually beneficial, please contact us. We will consider any type of reciprocal link program, whether it be a simple text link or a banner exchange.

No matter which of the above advertising campaigns you may choose, advertising on our site works ! It's a fast, reasonable, and easy way to gain mass exposure for your product, business, or private website. We look forward to working with you ! If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us. Although we make every effort to reply to all inquiries in a timely manner, it may take up to 3 business days until you hear from us. Despite the high volume of e-mail we get every day, you can rest assured that your mail will be read and answered by one of our members Free banners designing service if you advertise for 3 months or more.

  • Banners AD
    Sample Banner Ads: (468X60)
    Home Page: ($20)
    In Inner Page: ($15)                         Appears in all Inner Pages!

  • Buttons AD
    Sample Button Ads: (120X90)
    Home Page: ($11)
    In Inner Page: ($6)                                 You choose the section!
    Sample Tile Ads: (88X31)
    Home Page: ($5)
    In Inner Page: ($2)                                 You choose the section!

  • Text AD
    Sample Text Ads In Marquee
    Home Page: ($11)
    In Inner Page: ($6)                                 You choose the section!


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