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Welcome. Here at Mouth Media Presentation, we're passionate about providing high quality information  and resources that help you learn and develop the skills you  need to make the most of everyday life. Whether you're at work, a job seeker, student, teacher or parent,or just interested in developing your key skills, you will find plenty of information here about essential life skills. We hope that this information and these resources will help you to improve your personal and professional life. We also hope you find your visit rewarding and tell others about us. Our Programmes covers some simple ideas that can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. It also provides information to help you learn, such as The Importance of Mindset, and develop your character, for example, Learning to Use your Moral Compass and the basics of Emotional Intelligence.

Personal Development Skills Personal Development The Importance of Mindset Positive Thinking Personal Empowerment Lifelong Learning Personal Change Management Skills Reflective Practice Self-Motivation Setting Personal Goals Memory Skills Critical Thinking Creative Thinking Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Personal Presentation Skills Personal Appearance Character Building Skills Emotional Intelligence Managing Emotions Living Ethically Goodness: Learning to Use Your Moral Compass A Framework For Learning To Live Well Ethical Consumption Justice and Fairness Ethics and Goodness in Professional Life Self Control Friendliness Compassion Gratitude - Being Grateful Being Good Tempered Developing a Sense of Humour.

Truthfulness and Honesty Understanding Generosity Developing Resilience Courage - Being Brave Building Confidence Improving Self-Esteem Assertiveness What is Assertiveness? Assertiveness in Specific Situations Why People are not Assertive Dealing with Non-Assertive Behaviours Assertiveness Tips and Techniques Time Management Time Management Avoiding Procrastination Minimising Distractions & Time Wasters Stress and Stress Management What is Stress? Avoiding Stress Stress, Nutrition and Diet Stress in the Workplace Tips for Dealing with Stress Work-Life Balance Avoiding Burnout What is Anxiety? Managing Status Anxiety Avoiding Stress at Christmas Depression What is Depression? Types of Depression Treatments for Depression Anger and Aggression What is Anger? Anger Management Anger Management Therapy Dealing with Aggression Recognising Aggression in Others Diet and Nutrition Food, Diet and Nutrition Dieting for Weight Loss BMI - Body Mass Index What is Protein? What is Fat? What are Carbohydrates? What is Sugar? Sugar and Diet What is Fibre? Vitamins Minerals Stress, Nutrition and Diet Cooking Fats & Oils: Datasheet Exercise and Sleep The Importance of Exercise What is Sleep? The Importance of Sleep Relaxation Techniques Relaxation Techniques Mindfulness Aromatherapy Self-Hypnosis Music Therapy Therapeutic Laughter Personal Skills

Courses We Offer :-

  1. Spoken English.

  2. Basic English Grammar. Foundation Level.

  3. Leadership Skills.

  4. Presentation Skills.

  5. Soft Skills.

  6. Body Language.

  7. Business Etiquettes.

  8. Stress Management.

  9. Communication skills.

  10. Corporate English.

  11. Inter Personal skills.

  12. Motivation.

  13. Team Building.

  14. Sales and Distribution Training.

  15. Personality Development.

  16. Personal Grooming/Appearance.

  17. Call Centre Training.

  18. Customer Service Training.

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