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Careers Guidance and Couselling

Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions in the life of a student, as it finally leads towards a successful or unsuccessful life. While choosing a career one should keep in mind three most important factors i.e., his interest in the particular field, the entire information regarding the career and the demand in the market.


Firstly, the interest of the student in the particular field he has chosen is very much important so that he/she can groom well in further studies. Students should choose their career according to their own interest and abilities rather than by being influenced by someone else. Parents should not force their children to go for such goals which they themselves were unable to achieve. They should consider their children as an individual rather than their own reflection. Instead, parents should try to understand their children’s interests, abilities and skills and then help them choose a career according to their mentality and capabilities.


Secondly, for choosing a career the entire information about the field is very important and this can be done by proper career counseling. Students must be guided by their teachers, mentors or guardians who possess sufficient information about the various available options which includes new researches and exploring new careers so that the students are totally aware of the merits, demerits and demands of the particular field they want to choose.


Thirdly, another important factor to be considered is the demand of that career in the market. It means that after being qualified in a particular field, where does one stands in the society? Does your degree have worth that it can give you a bright future? Normally the students concentrate on what is valuable or demanding in the market at the time they were enrolled but actually they should be thinking long term, of the position and demands of market after four or five years when they are actually graduated or qualified.To sum up, choosing a career is one of those important decisions in life which should be taken wisely as a number of aspects of life depend on it in the long run. One should not be hasty and should think and brainstorm on the available options before actually choosing a professional field for oneself.

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