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Head of the School's Welcome Message,
"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world".

We are pioneers to open up new areas of education , thought, research, and development.

A pioneer in any field of knowledge - charters a course of transformation.

A transformation in the conventional wisdom, keeping in mind the larger interest of an individual and the society at large. Digital India School (DIS) is one such pioneer in the field of education, introducing new generation education in India, to India for it strongly believes that education is what establishes one's impression.

DIS combines an ambitious, challenging academic program and rich collection of extra co-curricular activities within Indian values framework that draws on variety of cultures and prepare students for global citizenship.

DIS was established by a pioneering cluster of highly erudite, competent and consummate individuals with a pursuit to deliver quality education with reasonable fee and knowledge experience.

Through Knowledge, Wisdom, Faith and Character we are Enlightening Young Minds...

Education inspired by Nature, Powered by Technology enable Teaching Learning Methodologies...

By International and National Expertise and Training Teachers to be ready for the Global Challenges....


​Head of School.


Our Philosophy

To inculcate self- learning capabilities in the student and promote him to surpass in any field in his life through digital schooling and traditional ethics by rooting out the impression that the aim of life is to get marks to pass the examination instead of winning the life. Our Mission is to explore their new, imaginary worlds of enterprise for an unlimited development of their natural qualities of human beings.


Our Methodologies

True education is combination of knowledge, qualities, skills, attitudes and capacities that enable individuals to become conscious subject of their growth and active participants in a systematic process of building an ever-advancing civilization. The moral values like "peace, love, truth, non-violence and righteousness have been accentuated by all religions" which are considered to inculcate value education.An individual is said to be born with the traits of their parent. But when it comes to schooling it starts at the very first step i.e. foundation classes at kindergarten, which is carried to the higher levels.

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