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Advisory Board and Management

Digital India School endeavors to outshine in its educational goal by achieving academic and moral excellence. The primary objective of Education is to prepare a human being to be good and become good citizen of the world. There exists a significant relationship between true education and sustainable development, which is millennium development goal (MDG) to save the planet. If the words and action are not focused through moral force, scientific knowledge and technological know-how leads to desolation as they do to prosperity and happiness.

True education is combination of knowledge, qualities, skills, attitudes and capacities that enable individuals to become conscious subject of their growth and active participants in a systematic process of building an ever-advancing civilization. The moral values like "peace, love, truth, non-violence and righteousness have been accentuated by all religions" which are considered to inculcate value education.

An individual is said to be born with the traits of their parent. But when it comes to schooling it starts at the very first step i.e. foundation classes at kindergarten, which is carried to the higher levels.

Moral education helps students to devise discipline without policing or fear of punishment. Constructive learning atmosphere which are being built by love, respect, joy and justice are implanted in the curriculum serving children to grow knowing what is expected from them. The key is to generate the passion of guiding and doing and to the moral standards rather than from the fear of punishment. This longing to please and want to do the veracious thing involves an extensive understanding of the virtues and its long run benefits.

Through numerous cooperative-learning deeds, values and optimistic attitudes are fetched to light. "The revolution which is to arise in the running of society will certainly depend to a great extent on the effectiveness of the groundwork the backbone of society (youth) make for the world they will inherit" asserts Learning Development Association. An age specific and creative attention is devoted to involving youth in programs and activities that will engage their interests and mould their capacities for service and involve them in social interaction.

To inculcate these treasurable ideals in the entire school, the assets of the month and Assembly presentations were introduced. These programs substantiated to be the reinforcement for the whole school to be dedicated in teaching and learning about virtues like Respect, Honesty, Responsibility, Caring and other optimistic attitudes. Constant communication with parents and children's families plays an important role in achieving these goals. Therefore beside Parent teacher meetings (PTM), various seminars and workshops on parent's awareness are organized to align them with school values. Learning disabilities and behavioral problems make the task more challenging .Through peace education ,cooperative learning and cooperative games the students learning ability and habits improved, and increased motivation help them to achieve success.

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